Hi, my name is Austin Bollinger and I’m the founder of B&B Media, LLC.

B&B has been a dream of mine for many years, but it was only recently that I decided to make it a reality. You see, I’ve had quite the winding journey.

In 2010, I earned a degree in graphic design with an emphasis on photography and video production. After graduation, I spent many years in video production, first at Creative Edge in Cape Girardeau and then as a freelancer.

From there, I worked at Element 74 in Cape Girardeau. I started as an entry-level project manager and exited the company 7 years later as the COO. After a merger with a larger marketing agency, I was offered a sales role, but I had a burning desire to do something bigger.

But first, I decided to go back to Creative Edge, the place my career began almost 10 years prior. I started as the VP of Strategic Development, but then the COVID Pandemic struck the nation and my role rapidly changed. 

However, through all the changes that 2020 brought my way, the one thing that stayed the same was my love and passion for website development, digital marketing, and video production.

I quickly realized that the only way to do what I loved every day was to start my own business, so that’s what I did. I finally worked up the courage to quit my job and pursue my passion as a digital producer. B&B Media was born.

As I started B&B, I had three goals in mind for the business, and they became my founding mission.

My Mission and Promise to You

  1. To provide exceptional quality websites with thoughtful and strategic development.
  2. To be a good steward of my clients’ budgets. I will not recommend features or strategies that do not promote or advance your goals.
  3. To build long-lasting, meaningful partnerships. As a new business owner, I embrace our combined success, because when you succeed, we all succeed.

Yes, I’m a one-person business, but I’m not a part-time web developer working out of my basement (no offense to those who are).

I’m in this for the long haul.

I have over ten years of experience in the field and a passion to help businesses thrive in this ever-changing environment that we call the internet. 

Whether you’re looking for a partner to help with small, ongoing adds, moves, and changes to your website, or you’re looking for a partner to help you with a top-to-bottom rebuild, I’m your guy.

I have a great deal of experience with website design and development, digital marketing, video and podcast production, search engine optimization, graphic design, and more. If you would like to learn more or discuss your project, please reach out to me below or at 573-208-3293.

I’d be happy to take your call, discuss your marketing strategy over coffee, or meet with you and your team at your office or at Codefi in downtown Cape Girardeau.

I’m excited to begin this journey and I can’t wait to hear your story.

Until then, I wish you all the best,

Austin Bollinger
Owner and Chief Creative

Are you ready to see how B&B Media can help elevate your business goals? Get in touch today.